Internet Marketing Consultancy, What and Why?

Internet marketing also referred to as online marketing in the strategy used by companies to promote their brand or services, and market their product using via the online channels. Using the web or the online channels, promotion is happening at a lightning fast speed. No need for those old school handwritten pamphlets or flyers that could take days to reach the potential customers.

The world is running on the web, and so should the business and its progression.

Difference from advertising:

Advertising consultancy is in not exactly the same as internet marketing. In advertising consultancy, the client or the company generally, has a clear idea as to what message they would advertise. They find help only to fine tune and then put that idea in the print form.

On the contrary, a marketing consultant is responsible for determining how to interact with the existing clients and how to reel in potential clients in the future. Their job is to analyse the current business tools and techniques at hand, as well as the business models currently operating at the company and devise plans and strategies to increase the product’s sale and supply.

It is not being said that all other marketing strategies be neglected. The best course of action would be to work in unison with the other marketing strategies like newspapers, telemarketing, magazines or radios, but the fact remains that these strategies work best when dealing with local clients. Online internet marketing channels are best equipped to handle the global clients.


Internet market diversities:

There are a number of ways internet marketing can be perused. Down below are some of the major categories:

  • Web- marketing: this holds a lot of options like Search Engine optimisation. This will allow your website or article to be placed at the top of the search query when used the specified keywords. E-commerce websites or markets affiliated to the same market could be used as well to promote the products.
  • Social media marketing: sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are very handy when promoting the products in bulks and trying to reach a potentially new clientele.
  • Email marketing: this constitutes the sending and receiving e-mail messages to current and potential clients.
  • Video marketing: YouTube might seem old school but it is still the third most visited website in the world. As such, it can be a great channel to market your product.


Tasks involved in the process:

Internet marketing doesn’t mean you send out facebook posts and consider the job. It is a hieratical process involving the following steps.

  • Study the product and its market and find out what potential clients to target.
  • If they were already being approached figure out why it wasn’t generating a positive response.
  • Make plans for the marketing and alter the existing plans if working on an overhauling.
  • Not every social media is for all products. Find out the best social media outlet for the particular product and go from there.

Scenarios to hire a Marketing Consultant:

A company could face a number of different scenarios where an internal marketing consultant could be hired, or they might need the services the of a professional marketing consultancy company. Following might be some of those scenarios.

  • If the company might be dealing with a relatively new product or genre.
  • They might be looking to expand the business or moving to a new location with an unknown culture or clientele.
  • Want to increase the communication and exposure to the existing clients.
  • Identify the key metrics of successful business marketing.
  • Find out kinks in the existing key metrics, in case they already exist.

Keep a definitive goal for success in mind while dealing with internet media consultancy, as there is no limit to the net itself. Knowing when to stop will help move on to the analysis stage of the consultancy.

Analysing the response:

Keeping the set goals in mind, analyse the response of the clients and compose a compact report. In case the results are not up to the mark, then revisit and revise the goals and start from there.

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