Among many web designing and development companies , OTTUM Solutions has gain confidence of millions and thousands of customers due to its creative, flexible, fully-functional . After achieving and listening to customer’s requirement, our aim and mission is to provide best, economical and perfect web design/development solution to that customer. OOTUMSol is providing almost all types of web designing and development solutions in which dynamic, static, web portals, eCommerce, mobile responsive and many other types of websites are included. OTTUMSol provides their web services to the clients also like UK, USA, and Australia etc.

Websites have become one of the primary resources to reach the virtual world. Especially, with the increasing of global trade & commerce, Web design and development are essentials for the completion of an integrated online marketing effort. OTTUM Solutions provides the best solutions in this respect. Contact us and get your website according to your request at reasonable price.

Steps of Web Development and Designing 

There is a lot of step in website designing and development process. From the initial stage of gathering information, to the last step of the creation and implement of your site and finally to maintenance to keep your website up to date and current, we follow the following six phases of the web site development and design process.

  • Information Gathering: Collect your requirement in order to understand what type of website you want.
  • Planning: After gathering your custom business requirements now it’s time to put together and mange plan for your website. At this point we create all the main topic areas of the site as well as sub topic if applicable in order to understand which type of content your site needed.
  • Design: At this phase the test plan is converted into web design to determine the look and feel of your business site.
  • Development: At this phase we will add your business functionality in the design that we create in the design phase.
  • Testing and Delivery: At this stage a final touch is given to your sites and test the whole sites to see either it’s fulfill your requirements or not if yes then it is deliver to the customer otherwise add functionality which is needed.
  • Maintenance: We further maintain your sites for time to time changes and requirements with the advent of new technology.

Web Related Issues

At OTTUM Solutions we develop/promote web applications and mobile responsive websites.  Our perfect, unbroken and flawless skills in  Back-end Development, Front-end, Admin Panel, Databases and Server APIs can give your company website a real boast in generating high revenues. OTTUM Solutions provide the following services in Web design and development process.

Logo Designing: Ottum Solutions provide quality logo design service to client at a very affordable price.  Get your flexible logo that will play an important role in sending a meaning full message to your viewer in the market.

  • HTML /CSS OR PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion: If you are looking for psd to html conversion we are available. Ottum Solutions expert employee converts your design into hand coded, pixel perfect, cross browser compatible and HTML/CSS markup.
  • CMS Websites: We developed your business sites in a short span of time and customize different CMS themes according to your requirements. Offer  flexible and  flawless sites using different CMS :
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Jomla
    • Magento: eCommerce business website
  • Other Web Services: We offer the following web services according to your need and requirements.
    • Mobile compatible websites
    • Custom template designing
    • Bootstrap Theme Customization and implementation
    • CMS Websites
    • Test your Websites according to your requirements

Its Time to Promote your Business