• OTTUM Sol is an IT company that provide efficient solutions and outstanding web solutions to their clients. Our team is highly and greatly experienced in developing web based applications. We take a test driven and iterative approach to developing web API, Tools and Apps by working closely with our clients and constantly gathering feedback. Our vision and aim is that every aspect and parts of the business process will be able to leverage efficiency by fueling the business with IT evolution. So, we have made sure that the expertise of our employees, technical excellence, innovative style and superior client service will enable us to keep ahead of our competitors in assisting our clients in realizing these efficiency.

From a customer’s standpoint, the top five benefits of our method include:

  1. Rapid results: In today’s paced, highly competitive business world, reducing time to market is often paramount to one-up the competition. Our system emphasizes incremental development and rapid prototyping, which means you’ll get working results faster.
  2. 100% transparency: As a customer, you are always in control and fully updated on the project status, and your feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of the web solution. To make sure all parties are on the same page, our web app developers utilize daily status reports, conference/Skype calls, email updates, and onsite visits, if necessary.
  3. Better qualities: Our process relies on continuous testing procedures, which means software bugs are discovered and fixed early on. To maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project life-cycle, each release is thoroughly tested, and customer feedback is carefully collected to enhance the next version.
  4. More business value: Our web application developers utilize a feature-center methodology, with business-critical features developed first. In addition, change requests are handled quickly and effectively, thus ensuring the product meets the stakeholders’ requirements.
  5. Solid guarantees: To make each project as risk-free as possible, we include warranty clauses into every contract we sign.

Custom Web Application Development

The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Mobile App Development

Picking the right approach to mobile app development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project. OTTUM Sol mobile APPS developers typically use an agile, low-risk mobile development methodology that has a proven success record and ensures rapid results and 100% visibility.

OTTUM Sol Technology Competence in Web Solutions

  • Featured PHP Web Development Expertise
    • CMS customization and enhancement
    • Video streaming and real time communication
    • Social functionality
    • ecommerce and payment gateway integration
  • Featured Java Web Development Expertise
    • VoIP and video messaging
    • Custom e-Learning solutions
    • Ad inventory management
    • Customer loyalty and retention programs
  • Featured .NET Web Development Expertise
    • Financial data management and analytics
    • Seamless CRM integration
    • Electronic medical record-keeping
    • Enterprise content management software

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